First National Bank of Absecon

Dear Valued Customer,
As part of our commitment to remain on the leading edge of banking technology, we are pleased to announce we are upgrading our Online Banking service. Our new Online Banking system (OLB) will help us continue to provide the high level of service you have come to expect, offering the most up-to-date products and services.

We want you to be aware of these changes and ask that you read this letter carefully to help ensure the transition to our new system causes you little disruption. We have outlined the affected services and temporary limitations below.

Conversion will begin Monday, May 22nd at 4pm
Conversion will be completed Wednesday, May 24th at 10am
During this time period Online Banking, Bill Payment and Mobile Banking will be unavailable

Before and During Conversion:
Service Limitations during the Upgrade Period

In order to make the switch to our new Online Banking system we must temporarily limit the availability of Online Banking services during the upgrade period. The upgrade period will begin Monday, May 22, 2017 at 4:00pm EDT. Access to the new Online Banking system will be available on Wednesday, May 24, 2017 at 10:00am EDT. We sincerely apologize for the limited availability of these services during the upgrade period.

Online Banking Transfers

We are unable to convert scheduled or recurring transfers to the new system. Please check your currently scheduled or recurring transfers to make sure they are scheduled to be processed prior to May 22, 2017. Please note that recurring transfers will be required to be re-established in OLB by customers as they are unable to be converted. Please document your recurring transfers to assist you in setting them up in the new Online Banking system.

Online Bill Pay

The Bill Payment system will not be changing; however, from May 22nd to May 24th while Online Banking is converting the Online Bill Payment system will not be accessible. Please plan ahead and enter your payment requests prior to the conversion time. Your previously scheduled payments will continue to process, even during the conversion time.

Email Address and Phone Numbers

We recommend you log in to your current Online Banking account prior to Monday, May 22 and verify that your email address and phone numbers are correct. After logging in, click on My Profile to view the information we have on file. To update the information select the Change Profile Information in the left tool bar.

After Conversion

Online Banking Access – When the new site becomes available on Wednesday, May 24 at 10:00am EST please access the new Online Banking site by accessing our web site, and select Personal Login or Business Login. Note, links you may have established through an icon on your desktop will no longer work and will need to be re-established after your initial accessing the new Online Banking site through our web site and logging in.

User IDs and Passwords

Your User IDs and Passwords will still be valid, however to register your computer or device and each time you use another computer or device, after entering your User ID, a prompt will tell you an extra layer of security is required and you will receive a phone call or text message to provide a One-Time Security Code. You will be prompted to select which of the phone numbers we have on file to receive the call or text message. The call or text will provide you with the one-time security code to enter on your screen. Once the security code has been validated you will be asked to create a new password to access the system.

Account Overview

The accounts in which you have ownership have been converted. Account Nicknames have also been converted. If you are unable to view any of your accounts as before, please contact client services at 609-641-6300.


Please re-create your recurring transfers in OLB. You may also set up a transfer template to use for frequent transfers that you may want to process on request.

Bill Payment

The Bill Payment system has not changed. Your payees, scheduled transfers, and history will be converted.

Mobile Banking

BEFORE you log in to your Mobile Banking, you will need to log in to the New Online Banking system and update your password. Once your password is updated, you will be asked to recreate your mobile banking account on the mobile banking app on your iPhone or Android device.

Online Transaction History

You will continue to have account transaction history available to you in the new Online Banking system.

Account Alerts

Account Alerts are not able to be converted, therefore you will need to update (re-enter) those once you have logged in to the new OLB system.

“How Do I”

This feature helps you get to know the system better by clicking on the How Do I button on the bottom of most screens.

Customers using Quicken or QuickBooks

To continue using Quicken and/or QuickBooks, you will need to complete an account deactivation and reactivation process. There is a chance that transactional data may be duplicated when your new account is set up. Please continue to check our website for how to correct any duplicate data as detailed instructions will be posted shortly.

Cash Management (Business Customers) Only

The same changes that apply to Personal Internet Banking customers will apply to Cash Management customers. In addition to these, all Managed Reps and Corporate Reps and their account rights will be converted as they are today, as will the Reps individual dollar limits.

All Cash Management customers with ACH templates will be converted as they are today. However, we are unable to convert scheduled transfers and scheduled ACH batches. In addition, transactions and ACH batches will not be able to be sent out between Friday, May 19, and Wednesday, May 24, 2017. ACH batches will not post during this time frame. If customers need ACH files to post on Friday, May 19, they must be sent by Thursday, May 18th. The next available ACH effective date will be May 25th, 2017. Access to the new Online Banking system should be available May 24th at 10:00am EST. Please make the necessary arrangements to send your ACH files out prior to this conversion or wait till after the conversion.

We are pleased to offer you this new Online Banking system. If you should have any challenges logging in to the new system or have any questions in regards to these exciting changes, please call or email our client services department.


Give Us A Call (609) 641-6300 or Email Us.

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