Mobile Security

First National Bank of Absecon is dedicated to protecting your personal information online. Our commitment ensures transactions completed through the First National Bank of Absecon application are confidential and secure.

Protecting customer information and online mobile transactions is a shared responsibility.

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Our Role in Security
    • We utilize encryption and authentication technologies, including Secure Socket Layers (SSL) and digital certificates to protect the security and privacy of your financial information.
    • We require the use of 128-bit encryption to protect your data, while you access our online mobile services.
    • We require the use of access codes, such as your Customer ID and password, which allow us to verify your identity when you access our mobile services.
    • A timeout feature automatically logs you off your current mobile session after an extended period of time.
    • We use sophisticated software to detect and prevent computer viruses from entering the Bank’s computer network.
Your Role in Security
  • Exercise caution and due-diligence when downloading applications.
  • Utilize the “timeout” or “auto-lock” feature to secure the device when unattended.
  • Do not leave your mobile device unattended during an online mobile session.
  • Change the password/passcode on a regular basis.
  • Install anti-malware software on your mobile device.
  • Do not share your Customer ID or password with anyone.
  • Make sure no one is watching when you type in your Customer ID and password.
  • Use the most recent version of a recommended mobile browser that supports Secure Socket Layers (SSL) protocol and 128-bit encryption.
  • Visit the application store(s) for the most recent mobile device system requirements.
  • Be careful when conducting mobile banking transactions on unsecure Wi-Fi networks.
  • Click “Logout” to end your online mobile session.
  • Report known incidents of unauthorized account access immediately.
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Smishing is a form of criminal activity via cell phone messages to deliver the “bait” to get you to divulge your personal information. The criminal may pose as your bank and use text messages in an attempt to gain access to confidential account information.

In addition to the safeguards described above, federal regulations also provide consumers protection for online/mobile banking. If you believe that your password is lost or stolen, or that an unauthorized transfer or payment has been made from any of your bank accounts, notify us within two business days of discovering the loss or theft and your liability is limited to $50.


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To learn more about how we protect your personal information, please refer to our privacy policy.