We’re excited to announce that soon you’ll be receiving a new Mastercard debit card. Your card will be upgraded to an EMV chip card with state-of-the-art security technology and a new look.


Advanced Technology – It’s difficult for fraudsters to duplicate your information when you use a card with an embedded microchip.

Greater Security – Dynamic data is created, making each chip transaction unique and virtually impossible to replicate.


Card Arrival: You can expect to receive your new Mastercard Debit Card in early August. Once you receive it, activate it as soon as possible.

Using your Visa Debit Card: You can continue to use your present Visa Debit Card until you activate your new Mastercard. After you’ve activated your new MasterCard Debit Card please securely destroy your Visa Debit Card.  All Visa Debit Cards will be deactivated on September 15, 2017.

Changes to your card: You will have a new card number and a new expiration date. If there are merchants that automatically bill your card or have your card number and expiration date on file, you will need to provide them with the new information.

Who accepts Mastercard? Mastercard is the world’s largest retail electronic payment network and is widely accepted by merchants and ATM’s all over the world. You’ll be able to use your new card at most locations.

Are there any costs or fees associated with this change? No. We are replacing Visa Debit Cards with the new EMV chip enabled Mastercard Debit Cards at no cost to our customers.

Why a chip card? A chip card offers a more secure, convenient way to make purchases in the US and abroad. Chip cards store your account information on a small electronic chip embedded in the card.  When you make a purchase at a chip enabled terminal, the chip uses encryption technology to protect your account information. This helps reduce the risk of fraud and makes your card difficult to counterfeit.

What if a merchant terminal is not chip enabled? At traditional magnetic-stripe terminals, just swipe and sign or PIN as you always have. If you’re making an online purchase, just use your chip card as you would a regular debit card.  Also, if you make automatic payments with your card, please make sure businesses have your new card information.

We hope you enjoy the features of your new Mastercard EMV chip debit card and the added security it gives you.  We’ll continue to work to bring the latest security technology and services to help protect your personal account information.

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As your Hometown Bank we appreciate the opportunity to serve all your financial needs.


SecurLOCK App – a Free mobile download to put the power to protect your card in your hands. You will be able to protect your debit card directly from your smart phone. Cardholders will have options to Lock cards, Control card use by Location, Control card use by Merchant Categories and Spending Limits.


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