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This section contains valuable information about using the FNBA website. If you have experienced any problems with the site, or if you are having trouble getting the site to load, please review the help section below for possible answers to your problems.

Web Site Help

What kind of web Browser do I need to access the FNBA website?
You will need Internet Explorer 4.5 or higher, Netscape 4.5 or higher, or AOL with the Internet Explorer Browser installed to properly see the site. We recomend Internet Explorer 5.2 or higher for both Windows and macintosh computers.

Do I need a high speed internet connection to access the FNBA website?
No. The website is designed for all internet connections. You might experience some delays in page loading times on a slower dial up connection.

What are cookies? and why should I have them turned on?
A cookie is a small file that is placed in your web browser cache. It is used to do things like help remember where you have been and login information. First National Bank of Absecon does not use cookies on our website so you shouldn't have to worry about this.

Is the FNBA website secure? How can I be sure that personal information won't be accessible by other people?
First National Bank of Absecon uses 128 bit encrypted website technology. The site is hosted on secure servers encrypting your entire session, from beginning to end.

How do I contact someone about problems I am having with the website?
Please go to our Contact Us or Comments section of the website.

How often is the site updated?
The FNBA web site is updated frequently so please check back often.